We provide various game development and multimedia services. Our developers have experience with all aspects of development including:-

  • AI (pathfinding, team based logic, neural networks)
  • Networking (both massively multiplayer and standard multiplayer)
  • Graphics (animation, shaders, lighting / shadowing systems)
  • Real time physics (fluids, cloth, rigid bodies)
  • Game code (asset and scripting systems)

Listed below are a few possible services we can provide you with

Project management

  • Games project management – from managing outsourcers to programming and QA management
We can manage your project from preproduction through to release, we have experience at all levels of the production process and will manage every aspect you need us to. If you don’t have the staff to fulfil all roles during development we can also outsource or use our employees to fill the gaps.
  • R&D projects
With our immense experience in research projects we can if needed provide analysis before the project begins to suggest possible avenues to explore, we will work directly with the developers and researchers to bring the best out of them and give you great results.

Game Development

  • Prototyping of game ideas
Allow us to prototype new game ideas on your behalf using our rapid development tools, we can do everything including the artwork and sound
  • Game development using our tools and engine
We offer full game development services using our development suite, we will use our artists, programmers and designers to develop the game to your specification. We can cater for varying budgets.
  • Porting
We can port your engine or game to any another platform after an initial investigation into the risks the project would have, if we agreed that it would be easier we can always port the product to our engine giving you the result you desired.
  • Help with existing projects
We can join up with the team working on a project and work alongside them to finish off the project in whatever capacity required.
  • Help with TRC issues
We have experience with helping products meet TRC requirements set by manufacturers, if your product is coming up to TRC testing we can analyse your product and highlight any issues for you or we can fix issues after a fail.


  • Optimisation and performance analysis
We are able to rewrite core algorithms or optimise code (either rewriting for a vector unit on the machine or GPU code) to increase the performance of your application. We can perform analysis of your product to work out the real bottlenecks you are encountering and provide either solutions or suggestions for your team.
  • Technical documentation creation
We can provide technical documents based off your information and a design document, we will go through the method we would go through on our own title and work out all the issues that would be faced given a certain technology or any possible problems with certain techniques / design ideas.
  • Scripting
We have designers who are familiar with many scripting languages who will be able to perform scripting for your game project, alternatively we can integrate a scripting language into your game to allow more game centred code to be implemented in scripts rather than in the core game language (C++ etc)
  • Technology research & development for any platform
As well as managing R&D projects we can also perform them on your behalf, given a technique or feature you would like to investigate further we can based on a research brief look into many topics. Our team stays ahead of all developments and through combination of existing knowledge and awareness of emerging technologies we can provide you with very useful results.
  • Engine development work for your own existing or brand new game engine
If you don’t want to use our development suite our programmers can perform work on your own.


Our client list includes…

  • Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd
  • My Interactive Ltd
  • Punk Pie Ltd
  • Just Add Water Ltd
  • Centre Screen Productions Ltd
  • Route 1 Games
  • Ubisoft (Puzzler)
  • Sports Director Ltd
  • Tuna Technologies Ltd
  • In2Games Ltd
  • Gamerholix Ltd
  • Moji-Moji Designs Ltd
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Gamesauce Ltd
  • Black Ridge Games
  • Zoo Games
  • Pinnacle Entertainment Ltd

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