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10th April, 2013



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Table Mini Golf is an Augmented Reality game for Playstation Vita that uses the Vita’s rear camera to transform any flat surface into a crazy mini golf course. Teeing off with Table Mini Golf couldn’t be easier, and the game is cleverly structured to ensure your focus stays on the fun. Simply place your AR Cards on a flat surface, aim the PS Vita system’s rear camera at them and voila! A spectacular mini golf course materialises right there in front of you. The game boasts two themed 18-hole courses and it’s safe to say they’re more exciting than any mini golf course you’ve seen in real life. One has a haunted house vibe, brimming with cartoon ghouls and ghostly goings-on, while the other is inspired by Treasure Island-style tales of pirates. What’s more, new courses can be downloaded from PlayStation Store – so there’s always a fresh challenge ahead.



  • Use a single AR Play Card and your PS Vita system’s rear camera to transform the world around you into a series of themed mini-golf courses.
  • Choose your player, grab your putter and head out onto the course to show off your flair as a mini golfer.
  • Win one-off games in style and triumph in multiplayer tournaments with a touch of panache to earn skill points, complete various challenges and level up your player.
  • Toy Land course pack available as a DLC adds an additional 18 holes full of crazy golfing fun.
  • Grab some friends and play four player pass the Vita multiplayer available in free play mode!
  • Collect trophies and display them in the colourful clubhouse.


Table Mini Golf - Vita AR Play Game trailer YouTube

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      Starting out as a work-for-hire and middleware developer in 2005 we have continued to expand our hugely experienced team to develop games of all genres and scales for every released (and some not released!) gaming platform. Recent projects include the PlayStation Vita’s AR titles Table Football, Table Ice Hockey and Table Mini Golf. We have since collaborated with other games developers on projects such as New Star Games’ New Star Soccer, Hello Games’ Joe Danger for PSVita / Android, and Mediatonic’s Foul Play for PS4 / PSVita. In late 2012 we began work on our original IP ‘101 Ways To Die’ as part of our gradual shift from work-for-hire to own IP development.

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