Four Door Lemon Ltd
Based in Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Release date:
22 February, 2012

PlayStation Vita


Regular Price:

USD DLC$0.99
EUR DLC €0.99
GBP DLC£0.79


Bring your customised football stadium to life on your table, floor or desk as the classic flick football style game comes to the PlayStation Vita. Place your AR cards to add stands, scoreboards and an AR football pitch to your room and then flick players around the pitch to get in the best positions to pass to and shoot. Use delicate flicks and curls to bend the ball around opponents and fire it into the top corner to win individual matches or full World Cup style tournaments. Play against your friends or against 50 of the top international teams from all across the world - or enhance your game even further with the DLC pack to include more teams, stadia options and balls. You can even play in rain or snow, with wind affecting the ball. A classic fun blend of football action and tactical play at a price that offers impossible to beat value for money.


A PlayStation Vita launch title, and one that was offered for free by Sony to help show off the power of the Vita, and the use of its Augmented Reality technology.


  • Unique blend of football strategy and action.
  • Play single matches or tournaments against computer-controlled opponents or locally against friends via Ad Hoc Mode.
  • Use the PS Vita's touchscreen to run, pass, shoot and apply swerve to your kicks.
  • Place your own stands and scoreboards to build your own stadium.
  • DLC available with extra teams, stadia, balls and weather.


Pre-Launch Feature YouTube

Game Intro YouTube

You won! YouTube

Loser! YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    • "This is a really fun game." Joe James, Brashgames comment.
    • "It's an addictive little slice of fun that hits the back of the net nicely." Mike Mason, Pushsquare
    • "8. impressive with how precise the controls are and how deep the game can be." Uaquo, Metacritic
    • "If you're an avid sports gamer or a big soccer fan, Table Soccer is probably worth the download." Niko Silvester, PSPabout

    Selected Articles

      • "Table Football' AR game free with PlayStation Vita."
        - Digital Spy, Website
      • "Augmented Reality round up"
        - Angus Deacon, NZ Gamer

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      About Four Door Lemon Ltd

      Starting out as a work-for-hire and middleware developer in 2005 we have continued to expand our hugely experienced team to develop games of all genres and scales for every released (and some not released!) gaming platform. Recent projects include the PlayStation Vita’s AR titles Table Football, Table Ice Hockey and Table Mini Golf. We have since collaborated with other games developers on projects such as New Star Games’ New Star Soccer, Hello Games’ Joe Danger for PSVita / Android, and Mediatonic’s Foul Play for PS4 / PSVita. In late 2012 we began work on our original IP ‘101 Ways To Die’ as part of our gradual shift from work-for-hire to own IP development.

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