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19th January 2012

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The Lighthouse HD’. A uniquely atmospheric game of ships, collision avoidance, sea monsters and fog. Forget the line-drawing games of the past, and Follow the Light! As darkness falls, the storm ravaged seas begin to swell, and the fog closes in. Only the sentinel Lighthouse, with its guiding light, stands against the elements and fearsome creatures of the deep. Use the light to guide the myriad vessels to safety. These range from small, fast moving speedboats and luxury yachts, to cruisers and mega tankers. Avoid collisions with other vessels, rocks, mines and whirlpools! Drive back the pervasive fog, before it envelops everything! Creatures that haunt the abyssal depths will rise to prey on the unwary! Huge Megalodon sharks and colossal squid will hunt your vessels! Spectral ghost ships and alluring Sirens will drive them onto the rocks! Fight back with flares, warning buoys and foghorn blasts! Hunt down the fabled Kraken with cannons and depth charges! Do you have what it takes to guide the ships to safety? Can you survive through the night, or will the fearsome denizens of the deep, drag your ships down to the crushing depths...



  • Unique and intensely addictive gameplay!
  • Cutting-edge 3D visuals push the iPad 1 and 2 to the limit, in creating one of the most atmospheric games on the app store.
  • Stunning animation brings monsters of the deep to life.
  • 30 challenging and diverse levels, ranging from single to large multi-screen environments.
  • 3 Challenge Scenarios: ‘Feeding Frenzy’, ‘Burning Seas’, ‘Night of the Kraken’.
  • Go fishing in dangerous waters, fight fires and hunt the beast of myth and legend!
  • Incredible cinematic music and sound effects.
  • Amazing water effects a fully dynamic sea, with reflections and refraction! Dynamic weather effects! Storms! Rain! Fog!


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Awards & Recognition

    • "Welcome addition to the line-drawing genre with a twist." John Brown, Ready-up
    • "Bronze award." Pocket Gamer, 2012

    Selected Articles

      • "The Lighthouse HD leads the fleet when it comes to atmospheric gameplay."
        - Tapmag.co.uk, Website
      • "A Rated - The most original line-drawing concept in the AppStore."
        - iReviewT.com, Website
      • "Bronze award 7/10 - ...a visually impressive and much needed twist on the classic line-drawing genre."
        - Pocket Gamer, Website
      • "4/5"
        - AppZapp.co.uk, Website

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      Starting out as a work-for-hire and middleware developer in 2005 we have continued to expand our hugely experienced team to develop games of all genres and scales for every released (and some not released!) gaming platform. Recent projects include the PlayStation Vita’s AR titles Table Football, Table Ice Hockey and Table Mini Golf. We have since collaborated with other games developers on projects such as New Star Games’ New Star Soccer, Hello Games’ Joe Danger for PSVita / Android, and Mediatonic’s Foul Play for PS4 / PSVita. In late 2012 we began work on our original IP ‘101 Ways To Die’ as part of our gradual shift from work-for-hire to own IP development.

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