Four Door Lemon Ltd
Based in Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Founding date:
July 1, 2005


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Table Ice Hockey
Table Football
Table Mini Golf
You Are The Umpire
You Are The Ref
Tic Toc Body Pop
101 Ways To Die

Unit 10, 7 Burnett Street,
Bradford, West Yorkshire,

+44 (0) 1274 737820


Starting out as a work-for-hire and middleware developer in 2005 we have continued to expand our hugely experienced team to develop games of all genres and scales for every released (and some not released!) gaming platform. Recent projects include the PlayStation Vita’s AR titles Table Football, Table Ice Hockey and Table Mini Golf. We have since collaborated with other games developers on projects such as New Star Games’ New Star Soccer, Hello Games’ Joe Danger for PSVita / Android, and Mediatonic’s Foul Play for PS4 / PSVita. In late 2012 we began work on our original IP ‘101 Ways To Die’ as part of our gradual shift from work-for-hire to own IP development.


Early history

After the doors opened and the Four Door Lemon team started to evolve the early signs of success were there. The Lemon engine was being used successfully by third parties to develop their own games and Four Door's own development work was producing results. A Nintendo DS game that was the first game in three years to beat Nintendo's own software sales for DS was a sign of things to come. The following years saw more third party success for a wide variety of publishers and the reputation became firmly established.

After that

The next generation of consoles brought with them massive challenges for the development industry. Four Door Lemon met those head on and expanded the team to include a mix of veteran talent (the old guys) and enthusiastic youth (the young 'uns). Projects grew in size and prestige as FDL was charged by Just Add Water with bringing Munch's Oddysee into the HD era with the development of Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD for PlayStation 3, Vita and PC. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe chose to entrust FDL with an AR launch title, Table Football for their cutting edge handheld, the Vita. The success of this title and the following DLC led to two more games for the console, Table Ice Hockey and Table Mini Golf.

What's Next

The ideas keep flowing, the concepts keep growing and new projects are due to kick off imminently bringing new IP to many platforms. With fresh and innovative ideas waiting to burst forth, gamers for many generations to come can look forward to exciting and fun games from Four Door Lemon.


Table Ice Hockey YouTube

Table Football YouTube

Sony talk Table Football YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "In 2013 Develop voted Four Door Lemon as one of the top developers in their Develop 100 poll." - Develop 100, 2013

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