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The decision is in your hands … You Are The Umpire

A batsman’s bat breaks in half mid-shot. He trips on the piece of broken blade, knocking it back into the stumps.

You are the Umpire – wonderful drawings from renowned artist Paul Trevillion – puts you in the spotlight and asks the question: What would you decide?

We are delighted that ‘You Are the Umpire’ has been recognised as one of the Best 5 Cricket Games Available in 2010 by The Guardian’s Games Blog!

  • 2 game modes to test your skills: Sudden Death which makes no allowances for bad decisions and Assessment which will test your mettle and see if you are worthy of your white coat!
  • Beautifully hand drawn illustrations.
  • Hundreds of questions ranging from the everyday to the flat-out ridiculous with answers from one of the greatest umpiring names in cricket.
  • Compete against your friends using global leaderboards & achievements via Game Center.
  • Why not make you and your friends part of one of the customisable comic strips and send them out via Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Platform(s): iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Release Date: 2nd December 2010

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