Puzzler Collection

We worked closely with Tuna Technologies in providing our middleware technology and programming services for this great product which achieved number 2 for several weeks in the UK DS chart.

Key Features

Puzzler Collection features 4 classic and very popular puzzles: Crossword, Wordsearch, Fitword and Sudoku.

  • Crossword
    The traditional crossword featuring themes of General knowledge and some themed puzzles. Work through each clue to solve the Crossword!
  • Wordsearch
    Find all the words listed in the grid. They may run forwards, backwards, up, down or diagonally, but always in a straight line.

  • Fitword
    The general workflow for play involves selecting a word-length group, then selecting a specific word, then selecting where to place it on the grid very simple but very addictive.
  • Sudoku
    The classic 9×9 grid, along with 6×6 and 4×4 for easier & mini puzzles.

For each of the 4 classic puzzles there are 5 different game modes.
The different modes offer a variety of styles of play, and a variety of audio to reflect the mood, pace and events of the various playing styles.

  • Puzzler Tournament
    This is the main game mode, in which the player tries to become as talented as a Puzzle Master. It provides a structure in which the player is compelled to progress through a number of different puzzle types.
    The player is challenged by the Puzzler Master with climbing a metaphorical ladder of puzzles. Each successfully completed rung would see the player’s rank rises.
    When the player completes the final rung of the ladder, the Puzzler Master will judge them to have reached ‘enlightenment’ the highest rank a Puzzler can reach.
  • Quick Blast
    Quick Blast is the perfect mode for quick games when you have a few minutes to spend for play. Tell the game exactly how much time you have to play, and you will be set a number of challenges especially picked to make the most of the available time.
    What’s more, if it is a reoccurring event, such as a train or tube journey: you will be able to track and compare your performance each day.
  • Simply Puzzle
    When all you want to do is play a puzzle, then Simply Puzzle is the mode for you. Pick any type of puzzle you want, at a difficulty level. That’s all there is to it. No scores, no timers just puzzles.
  • Fast & Fun
    Gamers that like an adrenalin rush with their puzzles will love the Fast & Fun mode.
    The specially chosen puzzles that appear in this mode will force you to make lightning fast decisions as you race to beat the clock.
    The aim is to complete as many puzzles as possible in a row without running out of time or making an error.
  • Head to Head
    This Mode is a 2-players challenge. The rules will vary depending on the type of puzzle being played, but players will take it in turns to resolve a section of the puzzle and compete against each other.


MetaCritic 70
IGN (DS) 7.3

Publisher: Ubisoft/Route 1 Games (UK), Zoo (EU), Zoo (US)
Platform: Nintendo DS / Nintendo Wii / PSP / PS2 / PC
Release Date: July/August 2008

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