We did the coding side of development for Aurify – a unique audio based game designed by Punk Pie.

This is unlike anything you’ve played before. Aurifi’s heart beats to the rhythm of its unique game engine, created from scratch to provide you with an arena of the type you have not experienced before. To play Aurifi you must access parts of your brain you had forgotten existed.

Playing in the arena is a calming experience, lifting you out of the clutter of daily life, and placing you in a dream. Don’t get us wrong – there are many challenges, but ones you will love to take.

Aurifi is an audio only game which presents audio based challenges such as figuring out the direction a sound is coming from or dodging out of the way of a sound by tilting your device!

  • Truely unique and innovative gameplay!
  • Super high quality original music and soundscapes.
  • Test your reactions with various audio based challenges.
  • Test your rhythmic skills and see if you can keep the beat.

Designers: Punk Pie
Platform(s): iPhone
Release Date: 20th May 2010

Visit Punk Pie’s Official Website



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