101 Ways To Die


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It’s not about killing… it’s about killing with style!

101 Ways To Die is a puzzle-platformer with a twist – it’s full of dark humour and cartoon gore. As the assistant of an eccentric (and slightly evil) scientist, Professor Splatunfuder, it’s your job to help him in restoring a damaged Recipe book. These aren’t any old cooking Recipes, but Recipes for dispatching your enemies in the most stylish ways possible. The name of the book is 101 Ways To Die!

Gain points for killing lab created creatures – the Fodder – by using the arsenal of lethal tools. Gain more points for killing them with hilarious Recipes; combining multiple deadly tools to achieve the most outlandishly cruel deaths possible for the hapless Fodder. Do you have what it takes to restore the book with all 101 Recipes?

Our gameplay revolves around using tools and physics to trap and punish the Fodder before ripping them apart. It combines strategy, reactions and a twisted mind-set to make the most deadly combinations. The reward? Finishing a level and completing challenges is one side, sitting back and watching as the characters are grotesquely eviscerated is another. The post round replay system means you never miss your bloodiest efforts.



As an often ridiculed and ignored member of the scientific community approaching his twilight years, Prof. Ernst Splatunfuder had been busy with secret research that would affirm his scientific prowess. This legacy was a book called ‘101 Ways To Die’. Unfortunately, having just completed the book, both the Professor and his life’s work were caught up in a terrible accident. The book was left in tatters… only pieces of the puzzle remained intact on each page.

Unable to rebuild his work alone he has hired you; a lab assistant with very loose morals. Your task – to provide the missing pieces of data that will rebuild his once great tome, page by page, chapter by chapter; each new entry re-telling the elaborate ways to hurt, maim, and exterminate, in the hope of reproducing ‘101 Ways To Die’!

Key Features

  • Manipulate the environment to kill the Fodder with physics based tools
  • Create mutilation, mayhem and destruction by laying a brutal combination of tools
  • Bone crunching animations showing your creatures being maimed, impaled, squashed and exploded
  • 101 delightfully Gory Death Recipes to unlock.
  • Generous helpings of blood and gore!

Platform(s): PC
Release Date: TBA

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