Puzzler released

August 1, 2008 No comments yet

We’re proud to announce Puzzler Collection has launched today featuring 4 classic and very popular puzzles: Crossword, Wordsearch, Fitword and Sudoku wrapped in several exciting replayable game modes to suit all types of player.

We performed all of the programming on the multi-platform (DS/Wii/PSP/PS2/PC) and UK/EU/US SKU product in conjunction with our good friends Tuna Technologies who produced and designed it with ourselves.

See more information at Ubisofts site our on our product page.

Football Director DS announced

August 1, 2008 No comments yet

The first and only football management game for the Nintendo DS has been announced today, this is a project we’ve really enjoyed doing in collaboration with Roger Womack who brought his years of management game experience and existing PocketPC engine in while we provided the rendering and user interface technology as well as helping finetune, optimise and perfect the engine and gameplay experience.

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