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November 12, 2012 No comments yet


PlayStation Mobile has been in the news a lot recently and Four Door Lemon are pleased to be able to announce three titles making their Sony-related debuts. The ever popular QuizQuizQuiz is joining You are the Ref and You are the Umpire to make up the mighty trio of trivia that will keep PSM users perplexed and puzzled over the coming months, as all these titles see continued support in the form of updates and expansions after their recent launch. Download them now for the ultimate trivia experience.

Our friends at Sony posted about the launch of QuizQuizQuiz on their blog here. It’s an updated version of our iPhone classic featuring thousands of questions in hundreds of categories available in five languages. Whether it’s a quick five minute trivia blast you are after or a more intense multiplayer brain busting session QQQ will cater for all your needs.

If you are one of those football fans who is regularly found screaming at the TV over that unbelievable decision by the ref, you can now step up and show the world just how good your knowledge of the rules of the game is. You are the Ref will push your far beyond knowing the offside rule or the recent ball crossed the line debates. You can make real footballing life and death decisions without running the gauntlet of abuse from players or a vitriolic Italian manager. Featuring art from world famous artist Paul Trevillion and questions set by none other than infamous Premier League referee Keith Hackett, You are the Ref is the ultimate football rules knowledge quiz, whether you’re arguing with mate sin the pub or showing off to your dad at home. The PSM version also features an all new Name the Player mode.

You are the Umpire takes the essential decisions that an umpire has to make during a match and puts them in your hands. Three game modes will test your knowledge of the well-known and more unusual situations that an umpiring legend and YATU resident expert John Holder has faced. Artwork provided by Paul Trevillion and an ever expanding range of questions make this a must for all cricket fans whether you’re an armchair Ashes follower or a more hardcore fan of leather on willow.

All three titles are available for download now on a Playstation Mobile device including Xperia handsets as well as the PlayStation Vita. There is a list of compatible devices here.



Table Ice Hockey out now for PlayStation Vita!

September 26, 2012 No comments yet


We are pleased to announce today that Sony’s cool PlayStation Vita just got a hell of a lot cooler with the release of our latest game, Table Ice Hockey.

For only £1.59 ($1.99) you can download it now from the PS Store. Head over to PlayStation blog to find out more about it, or watch the game in action below!


This AR puck-fest freezes your table and lets you experience the high speed thrills and fights of professional Ice Hockey.

The single and multiplayer modes, tournaments, customisation and various unlockables will provide all the Ice Hockey challenge you could ask for on your Vita!


Table Football footage at E3

June 6, 2012 No comments yet


Check out the following video for some great Table Football footage in Sony’s new E3 2012 AR trailer!

More news soon on this front..

Table Football pics!

May 14, 2012 No comments yet


Hi everyone!


We’re working hard on several new projects and gradually expanding our team a bit further to cope with the various cool and interesting things we have going on.

We’re hoping to soon announce a couple of the releases we have been working away on!


In the mean time see below a couple of screenshots we recently took for a magazine article from Table Football, it shows the marker hiding off pretty well (it’s all done by magic I’m told!).



News from the Four Door Lemon Towers!

March 2, 2012 No comments yet


Four Door Towers have been a hive of activity this week with new people starting with us, milestones, multiple project deliverables and the usual fights debates about movies and music.

It seems like only yesterday that our new sports title kicked off (not a clue to the sport) its development and here we are at its first milestone. Must be like seeing your child go off to school for the first time. So young yet so grown up *sniff*. While not the most visual-led of milestones, this one has seen initial models going in for players and environments to give us an idea of what will work and what won’t. With the novel ideas for viewing the action in mind, this has led to a few changes in the way things are built and coloured in, but it’s all for the greater good. A revisit on the art style gave us a new visual direction that will we think will work to make the game more fun and “out there” than before. It’s always good to get these changes nice and early in the development cycle. Major changes can be like a kick in the nuts; the later you see it coming, the more pain it inflicts!

That said, the collision tests, art tests and initial behavioural stuff is looking promising. With the new art direction and general emphasis on fun over accuracy, this one is going to be a lot of fun to work on, and more importantly a lot of fun to play.

Our big PS3/Vita/PC/Mac development is moving ever closer to completion. The new high definition graphics have now been fully implemented which make it look awesome. As expected, some optimisation work is now being thrown in to keep the frame rate as arcade quality as possible while the rest of the team work away at bugs and polish to prepare it for a run through QA soon. Can’t wait to tell you more about these when we can.

GDC awaits next week in San Francisco where Simon will be working hard we’re assured! A lot of new ideas floating around that will raise some interest and kick off some more in–depth discussions in the not too distant future all with the aim of giving us even more exciting projects to work on.

In the meantime, finally the new company FAQ is complete and ready to roll out to the staff, including vital sections like what to do in the case of a Zombie Apocalypse (well you can’t say we don’t plan for everything) and a list of vital movies to have seen to join in the office/pub debates. Quite how some of these guys have gone through life without seeing the likes of Aliens, Life of Brian and The Thing (the good version) is beyond me.

Until next time Lemonites….

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