New Star Soccer is in the Top 30 Greatest British Video Games

Posted on June 5, 2014

We’ve been super quiet again (and super busy), so lets break the silence with some super news!

The Guardian has compiled a list of Britain’s greatest video games, and we’re thrilled to see New Star Soccer in the list as we’ve been collaborating with New Star Games in recent updates and maintenance. Read the article here.

New Star Soccer is an award winning football game unlike any other. In NSS not only do you get to play in matches and hone your skills as a player, but you also get to live the lifestyle of a rising football star. Gain fans, build relationships and blow you salary on a fancy new sports car, the more successful you become as a footballer the more lavish your purchases.

One of the things that has been keeping us busy lately is handling the updates for New Star Soccer, as well as porting the game to Android devices. We are also currently working on some exciting new updates for NSS, so stay tuned for news on this in the future!

Simon Barratt, head of team Four Door (and avid Hull City AFC fan) says, “We’re really pleased that a game we contributed to has got the recognition it deserves. It’s an awesome feeling when something you put a lot of effort into gets appreciated like this.”

We’re hopeful that our own IP game, due for release later this year, will get some love from the critics too.

Simon says “It’s shaping up to be a really high quality game that we’ll be proud to put our name on, and we think that this is something people will see when they play it.”

Make sure to keep an eye out for more updates on our new game in the coming months, but until then, New Star Soccer is now free to play and is available to download right now for Android and iOS devices. 

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