15 games in 15 minutes

October 2, 2010 3 comments

UPDATE: Many apologies to everyone involved with iDevBlogADay, I drafted this post earlier in the week and planned to update before Saturday from Germany however due to lack of decent connectivity, the correct EU plug convertor, WordPress app fails (and possibly beer) this didn’t occur! Won’t happen again!

A little bit of an apology to start with, this week isn’t normal service!

At the time this post is going live I’m in Munich in Germany enjoying the Oktoberfest beer festival and so haven’t had time for my usual Friday night sketching out of the post and Saturday morning fleshing out. Hopefully I’ve built a bit of credit up with some fairly lengthy posts the past few weeks!

This weeks post is going to be based on a Facebook thing doing the rounds, with a maximum of 15 minutes you need to list in no particular order 15 games that will always stick with you. I’m preparing the basis for this post on Wednesday night and imagine I’ll be rewriting this list of 15 a few times, I’m going to try and be true to myself rather than go with what I should be writing down though 🙂

I presume whoever started the idea didn’t intend for game developers to write their lists, I think we’ve all got some game projects which will always stick with us (for better or worse!!)

In no particular order!

1. Counterstrike Beta

2. Everquest (PvP)

3. Eye of the beholder

4. Dizzy games (all of them)

5. Sleepwalker

6. Day of the tentacle

7. Dune 2

8. Roadblasters

9. Indy 500

10. Doom

11. Championship Manager

12. Sonic

13. XCOM

14. Return to Zork

15. FIFA ’96

I don’t want to reduce the rest of iDevBlogADay to similar posts for the week but it would be interesting to see a few of the other contributors if they get a few minutes at the end of their posts this week!

Thanks for reading!

Things we’ve been enjoying this week

  • http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=68376
    • John Carmack trying to kick off a TCR list for iOS games, something I’ve been begging Apple to force on us for a while (so that we can actually test against the same list they are and be more sure about whether we’ll be approved or not!)
  • http://www.khanacademy.org
    • Khan Academy is an awesome teaching resource and this last week it received funding from Google to produce more content. If you’ve not had a look before I really recommend it.

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