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Posted on October 9, 2010


It’s been a bit of a crazy week again over at FDL towers (I *say* tower – we’re on the top floor of an office building) and I left it late to decide on a topic for this week while  we hold off a little more on talking about our current projects!

Looking back on the previous posts the open source libraries and sales posts were certainly very popular so along similar lines I’m going to talk about a couple of sources of useful code snippets (and slightly larger)  I’ve found around the web which could be good reference for learning or even directly solve a problem in certain situations. As always  be aware of license stipulations with any code you’re using online however.  Again this isn’t by any means a complete list but hopefully a couple will be new to some of you!

  • Bit twiddling hacks – some very useful bit twiddling tricks that you may not be aware of, some of these operations now have specific instructions for them on chipsets but these are still a fun set to look through and hopefully understand
  • Paul Nettles memory manager, a drop in debug memory manager which was has been popular for a very long time, we certainly got some ideas from this for our own debug memory manager and we still rely on these occasionally today when we run into issues

Couple of the big boys now..

  • Microsoft – Some of the DirectX SDK code is a little scary side in terms of the handling of certain Win32 edge cases (in terms of handling input/windows/resizing/multiple monitors) but if you’ve not had to work through the pain yourself before you should check out the DX SDK for tips. Of course it’s a great reference for certain graphic techniques as well

Other resources

  • Stackoverflow is a very popular site and for non-games work I’ve done it’s normally shown up issues I’ve encountered higher up google searches than the iPhone reference materials. Note there is also a game developer stackexchange site (i.e. based on the same system as stackoverflow) which will hopefully increase in quality overtime.


  • Charles Blooms blog – previously mentioned this in the things we’ve been enjoying list but looking at my Google Reader profile I probably ‘star’ more of this blog than any other, some really interesting insights
  • GafferOnGames – Some great notes on physics and networking from Gaffer (Glenn Fiedler) someone I remember hanging around with on IRC many moons ago 🙂
  • Bit of a shout out for iDevBlogADay as well here as it’s getting some really high quality posts, I was about to list some favourites but I think there have been so many high quality posts recently it would be unfair!

Not so small snippets

  • written by Maciej Sinilo contains some really interesting articles and some useful looking code snippets including a Win32 crash reporting, memory tracing system, his own ‘STL’ type classes and thread pool job system.

Things we’ve been enjoying this week

  • Surviving Oktoberfest and not being thrown out of iDevBlogADay by mysterycoconut for my unfinished scheduled post on Saturday.
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