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Posted on August 26, 2010


This post has two audiences – the lovely followers we’ve gained in recent years as we’ve started on more of our own projects and the new readers from iDevBlogADay , which is an indie developers weekly blog initiative we’re lucky to be part of.

Essentially this means I’ll be trying to keep up with writing a new (and hopefully interesting) blog post every Saturday. I did debate for a bit whether to have a separate site for these posts as some people may be glad to see only a rare monthly post from me!!

We’ll be taking the opportunity to make some improvements to the site and we’re trying our FeedBurner for our RSS feeds now – please subscribe! Also if you aren’t already be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


Some of you may not have a clue who Four Door Lemon Ltd are (apart from being a really weirdly named British company!).

We’re a five year old games developer based in Bradford, West Yorkshire in the North of England. We started out as 2 guys, grew quite a bit with remote contractors at one stage in 2008 (while having a core team of 5 in the office) and we currently have 7 people in the office.

It’s been a very interesting journey so far and we’ve been involved in a huge variety of projects across pretty much every gaming platform. Internally we are fairly code orientated but the last year or so has seen us performing a lot more design and working more closely with our art guys (who are mostly external contractors we have had close relationships with forĀ  many years).

When we started out we aimed to earn enough money from work-for-hire and licensing out our engine to produce our own titles for 6-12months. This money never materialised due to various reasons (not helped by the financial crisis) but we survived and then ended up falling into self-publishing on iPhone (starting with QuizQuizQuiz and more recently You Are The Ref) which has led to us starting on similar fun projects.

We see our future being a healthier split of our own work across a large amount of digital distribution platforms and client projects.


I’ve got a list of topics for the blog but looking at other iDevBlogADay posts I’m not really sure where exactly to pitch it or whether people have specific queries that could coincide with stuff we’re working on.

Feel free to post a comment on this post or to contact me on twitter with any suggestions for posts!

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