Tweeting and an update

February 12, 2009 No comments yet

We’ve been receiving quite a bit of praise on our new look website so it’s probably about time for an update on what we’re up to. On a more day to day basis I’m trying to tweet interesting notes about what I’m up to (I’ll mostly be sticking to updates with a coding theme) at

Work wise due partly to the current economic climate we unfortunately have had one of our in-progress projects (a really exciting and great looking DS/PC music game) put on the backburner.

The positive result is that we’ve been able to catch up with some of those tasks that get pushed back so we’ve been tidying up and improving some of our core technologies.

We’ll have some updates regarding our new projects in the next couple of months and possibly some updates on the exciting smaller projects for new and old clients we’re working on.

— Simon

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